Rénovation résidentielle à Montréal, Rénovation Commerciale

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Our experts in residential and commercial renovation will complete your project with the help of our skilled team of professionals in the fields of renovation and construction in Montreal and area. Our experts in construction and interior and exterior renovation work as a team to ensure efficiency and devotion to all of your projects. Our professionals in construction and renovation are qualified to make your interior and exterior commercial and residential projects a reality. We can add floor space to your workshop, office etc. Add a garage, a balcony, extra rooms to your home. Not only do we renovate existing commercial and residential buildings, we are qualified in new construction both residential and commercial as well.

 As a general contractor, we have the knowledge, labourers, and equipment necessary to perform all of your construction and renovation needs regardless of the size of your project taking into consideration your budget. We take a professional interest in all of your needs. Your work will be completed on time within a realistic time frame that meets your schedule. Our objective is always to exceed your expectations all the while giving you a very professional job completion. Your satisfaction, peace of mind and confidence in our work is one of our main goals as a contractor. We will deliver a service that will undoubtedly encourage you to refer our renovation and construction team of experts to your friends and colleagues and business associates. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Commercial renovation

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Commercial renovation in the greater Montreal area is 514 Renover.

Your business needs renovating? 514 Renover with its team of experts in commercial establishment renovation is here for you. Our professionals are able to meet all of your needs. 514 Renover can start from scratch with the interior systems. 514 Renover understands the importance of efficiency in the office and are able to arrange your commercial space efficiently. You need to renovate your commercial space, paint your office? No problem, we will adjust our work schedule to accommodate your business hours so there is no need for you to lose productivity in the office. Our expert commercial renovation team will go anywhere in the Montreal area to give your commercial space a facelift.

Apartment and condo renovation

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Renovate your apartment or your condo with 514 Renover.

You own and apartment building and you have plans for renovations in the future. Look no further, 514 Renover has a team of experts in construction and renovation that will satisfy your needs. 514 Renover is qualified to renovate one apartment or more including entire apartment blocks. Among the jobs our company can offer you are floor replacement and repair, adding or taking out divisions, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms , countertop installations and renovating for a dishwasher to name a few. Get a free estimate from people for whom renovation is no stranger. We will meet and of course exceed all your expectations in the renovation field. Professional renovations to your apartment building will add value to your investment.

Residential renovation

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You have a home improvement project?

You are a homeowner and you have a home improvement project in mind? At 514 Renover our home improvement experts are here to assist you with all of your projects regardless of your location. We offer our services on the North Shore, South Shore, Laval and the island of Montreal. We are able to complete all of your home renovation needs.

Why 514 Renover ?

We have the knowledge, the man power and the equipment necessary to build or renovate buildings of all kinds regardless of the size of the project or budget.

Are you an investor interested in real estate? Our unique knowledge in the field of construction as well as interior and exterior renovation will impress you. With construction being very complex and strict in its standards, we at 514-Renover are experts.

Your work will be completed on time within a realistic time frame that will will meet your standards and will be done while keeping your schedule in mind. We always carry out your interior and exterior plans to meet and surpass your expectations.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind with your remodeling projects are always our main priority allowing you to rest easy and we guarantee you

​​will always turn to us for any future projects whether its residential or commercial in the Greater Montreal and surrounding area.

We offer our services in construction and renovation form St-Eustache on the North Shore including Laval, the Island of Montreal, Nun’s Island as well as the South Shore from Sorel to near the USA border. We cover more than 300 square kilometers of customer satisfaction. 514-Renover is unique in what it can offer you. Efficiency, professionalism, courtesy and timelessness are what we are made of.

Make our team make you a success today. Contact us today!


Make our team make you a success and contact us today!