Change Your Kitchen Cabinets

blog-armoireChanging your kitchen cabinets can be one of the most rewarding projects you can do in your home. The most complicated part of this renovation is choosing your new cabinets.

There are so many possibilities open to you when it comes to change your kitchen cabinets.
  1. You can do a total renovation by taking out the existing cabinets and reconfiguring your whole kitchen.
  2. You can change just the existing cabinets which is a lot less work and cost.
  3. Changing just the doors and handles can give your kitchen a total change.
  4. Simply painting the existing cabinets will give a clean fresh look to your kitchen.
1-Changing everything :
  • When you decide to change everything and do a complete kitchen reno, of course this means more work and inconvenience and a longer completion time and lets not talk about the dust.
  • If you are not comfortable choosing the styles, colors and materials for your new kitchen cabinets you may get a professional designer and then hire a competent cabinet maker to build them for you.
  • You will then tear our the existing cabinets that you want to replace and they can be repurposed. You could install them in your basement or garage for extra storage.
  • Reconfiguring your kitchen with new cabinets may also mean that you will need a plumber to make sure that all the plumbing fixtures will be in the proper places before installation.
  • After all is prepared you can proceed with the installation of your new cabinets.
  • You may also need to paint after the installation is complete.
  1. Changing only the cabinets :
  • You will need to tear out the existing cabinets, doors and handles taking care to use as much of the existing materials as possible.
  • You are now ready to install the new complete cabinets.
  • Finish by touching up your moldings and paint.

3- Changing only the doors and handles :

  • If you decide to change only the doors and handles, you will save on the cost and still create a great new look to your kitchen with a lot less inconvenience to you.
4- Simply paint the doors and cabinets
  • A very low cost and practical project for you would be to simply paint the existing cabinets which really freshen up the look of your kitchen and can be done yourself.

If you have a small budget and lots of patience you can very easily refurbish your cabinets inside and out. This may take some sanding and painting or varnishing but will give new life to your kitchen. If done properly you can be proud of your accomplishments.