Commercial Renovation

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You have just acquired a business and you would like to give it a youthful beginning? 514 Renover will come to your rescue with its expert commercial renovating team. With our experience in commercial renovating, we are able to meet all your expectations. Our team at 514 Renover knows the importance of efficiency in the workplace.  We will arrange your commercial space in an efficient and tidy manner. You want to renovate your sales office?  You want to paint your commercial space to keep up with the newer trends? No problem!  We will work evenings and nights to keep your daily workplace productive and safe for your staff and customers. You will never lose business time. We are able to carry out all commercial renovating tasks.  For example, the design of a restaurant, the creation and building of your showroom, or simply renovations and your painting needs. Our experts at 514 Renover will go anywhere in Montreal, Laval,and the surrounding areas. We will work hard with you to meet all your commercial renovation needs. We’re not strangers to the commercial renovating needs in the business world. Get a free estimate today!

Commercial office

Commercial Office Development and Renovation in the Greater Montreal Area.

Well developed and organized offices will save you time and money. 514 Renover’s team will develop your business in a professional manner.  We will respect your initial design. 514 Renover understands the importance of efficiency in the workplace.  We will arrange your office in a productive and businesslike manner. With an experienced team in commercial renovation we respect the needs of your office. We are able to arrange partitions, cafeterias, closed office spaces, meeting rooms, reception areas and even the boss’s office. Nothing is impossible for our experienced team. Our company will move anywhere in the Montreal area to give a face lift to your commercial space. Invest in your company by contacting 514 Renover for a free estimate.  Let us turn your commercial space into a pleasant and productive workplace.

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Commercial Painting

For painting in a commercial environment in the greater Montreal area, call on 514 Renover.

Would you like to paint your business to update your current look? You can enjoy our painting services as we are experts in commercial painting. Call on us at 514 Renover to achieve your mandate. You can rely on our professional master painters.  They have over 20 years experience in painting and renovations. Our expert painters will go anywhere in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas. Give us a call and we will be happy to come and give you a free estimate. Whether your painting a showroom or waiting room, you will not lose any productivity.  Call us today and enjoy our expert knowledge in the painting and renovation fields.

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