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514 Renover places great importance in respecting the privacy of its customers and suppliers.

The practices of 514 Renover regarding the use and disclosure of personal information obtained from its clients upholds the respect of the privacy policy.

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Why 514 Renover ?

We have the knowledge, the man power and the equipment necessary to build or renovate buildings of all kinds regardless of the size of the project or budget. Whether it is a small 5000$ cottage, the home of your dreams at $10,000,000$ or a building in the commercial sector 514-Renover are qualified and available anywhere in the Greater Montreal area.

Are you an investor interested in real estate? Our unique knowledge in the field of construction as well as interior and exterior renovation will impress you. With construction being very complex and strict in its standards, we at 514-Renover are experts.

Your work will be completed on time within a realistic time frame that will will meet your standards and will be done while keeping your schedule in mind. We always carry out your interior and exterior plans to meet and surpass your expectations.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind with your remodeling projects are always our main priority allowing you to rest easy and we guarantee you

​​will always turn to us for any future projects whether its residential or commercial in the Greater Montreal and surrounding area.

We offer our services in construction and renovation form St-Eustache on the North Shore including Laval, the Island of Montreal, Nun’s Island as well as the South Shore from Sorel to near the USA border. We cover more than 300 square kilometers of customer satisfaction. 514-Renover is unique in what it can offer you. Efficiency, professionalism, courtesy and timelessness are what we are made of.


Make our team make you a success today. Contact us today!

Make our team make you a success and contact us today!