Building a Deck

patioBuilding a Deck is a very interesting idea to take advantage of your court by having a good meal or just lounging in the sun. So it is important to know all the options available to you for this construction.

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Make yourself a garden

potagerSuddenly you have a call from nature and your green thumb is aching. Here are a few basic tips on how to make yourself a garden.

It is very easy and therapeutic and don’t forget the savings as well as the health benefits you get from having a garden free of pesticides.

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Gutters for your home

goutiereDo your gutters need to be replaced? Does your home have any gutters at all? Installing eavestroughs on your home has many advantages.  Here some tips about Gutters for your home.

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Indoor Decorative Brick Installation

blog-pierre-decoSometimes we lack ideas for decorating inside of our homes. We want to think outside the box and be original. Rather than hanging pictures on the walls why not give the whole wall a newlook. Indoor Decorative brick installation is a good idea for changing the look and feel of your room.

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Spring Cleaning

blog-menageAs the nice weather approaches we start having more and more energy. We can use this energy for our ever dreaded spring cleaning. We need to change the air in our homes from the winter lows to the spring highs…its not only the spring flowers that give us fresh clean smell outdoors but also we need this freshness indoors as well. Its important to get rid of the dust etc that has accumulated over the winter months.

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Change Your Kitchen Cabinets

blog-armoireChanging your kitchen cabinets can be one of the most rewarding projects you can do in your home. The most complicated part of this renovation is choosing your new cabinets.

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Renovation Trends 2016

tendances renovation 2016The renovation trends 2016 are now on the market. Every year brings it’s lot of new decoration ideas. We are not obligated to change everything, every year! But, we can incorporate small changes to our interior to keep it modern and contemporary. Much like your wardrobe, you have staples that you keep from year to year, and just by changing your shoes and/or your purse, you change the whole look of the outfit! Read more

Construction holidays in Quebec 2016

vacances constructionThis year, construction holidays in Quebec 2016, will be from July 24th to August 6st 2015.The government declared, in 1970, that the construction industry would have specific summer holidays.  It’s now part of the conditions for those working in construction. With a few exceptions, most sites close during this period.  So most of the workers will be off to their favorite vacation spots! Read more

Building a shed

CabanonBuilding a shed in our garden is a welcome addition to seasonal storage. Instead of keeping the seasonal tools like snow shovels, snow plow, lawn mower, for example, in the garage (if we have one), you can store them in the shed. Read more

How to change a broken tile

carreau de céramiqueNothing’s infallible. Accidents happen in the best of worlds! You can accidentally drop a can on your ceramic floor and break the tile… When you’re making your floor, it’s recommended that you keep a couple of tiles just in case. This is where your surplus of tiles comes in handy! So here is how to change a broken tile. Read more